9 Dragons Kung Fu

Welcome to 9 Dragons Kung Fu. Arizona’s premier martial arts school specializing in teaching the art of Chinese Kung Fu. At 9 Dragon’s kung fu we strive to create a school where everyone can reach their fullest potential and personal growth by offering the highest quality of instructional classes and growth, in a safe and respectful environment Start your journey at 9 Dragon’s Kung Fu to achieve the results that you have always wanted to see in yourself.

”¬†Master Sifu and Simu Kaneen are excellent teachers and are passionate about what they teach and in helping people of all ages achieving their goals.”
Patricia Helena

“I love training at 9 Dragons Kung Fu. This school has changed my life. I have rediscovered my love of martial arts and it’s a great work out as well.”

Chris Lafferme

“Great school for all ages. Highly recommended. My son is working on his third degree. Solid instruction, support and mentorship.”

Deborah Burns

“Excellent School.”

Jack Reed

“Simu¬†and Sifu set an amazing example of community, family, compassion and giving through the school. We are happy to follow their lead and help the 9 Dragons’ family whenever possible” Ethan Abrams

Ethan Abrams

Sifu Kaneen says what he does and does what he says- he is honorable, honest, fair, and knowledgeable. In addition to being an excellent martial artist, he is and awesome teacher, and an outstanding human being.

Jonathan Thiele

Sifu Micheal Kaneen

Sifu2 Sifu Kaneen began his training in the martial arts at 14 years of age, and has been training now for more than 20 years.

Simu Tamara Kaneen

Simu Tamara Kaneen has focused her teachings on the internal arts of Qigong, Tai Chi, and Nutrition that enhance longevity.

Grand Master, Jerry Cook

GMJerryCook-TNJerry Cook began the study and training in martial arts in 1971, in Junior High he studied boxing, wrestling & shotokan under master Charles Dixon.

Grand Master, Xiao Puquan


Master Xiao has been honored as an emissary to promote Shaolin Martial Arts and Chinese Healing Arts to the World. He has lecture tours all over China

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