Little Dragons

At 9 Dragons Kung Fu we pride ourselves on our very successful and well attended Kids Program.

Multiple Instructors assure individual attention to every participant within the Lil’ Dragons classes.

9 Dragons Kung Fu Lil’ Dragons will receive training both physical and mental in nature. Physical fitness, focus, control, mutual respect and courtesy all are foundations within the Lil’ Dragons class.

We are proud to offer Lil’ Dragon classes at convenient times during the week listed below.


When my son was just 7yrs old, with several failed and frustrating attempts at other sports, we decided to try martial arts. We tried 5 different schools with 3 different forms in an effort to find the right fit. Our last school to try was 9 Dragons Kung Fu…instantly we felt welcome. But I will never forget while my son was taking his first intro class, he turned and smiled at me with a big thumbs up…we found it! Here we are 3 yrs later and we are still impressed and great full for 9 Dragons. Not only does Sifu and Simu Kaneen treat my son with great respect and care…all of the students treat each other like that too. Not only is my son becoming an amazing Kung fu black belt, but he is learning how to be a better person. As a member of the demo team; he is learning confidence, responsibility, discipline, kindness and respect. 9 Dragons Kung Fu is a family and we are proud to be part of it! Becky Dixon

Becky Dixon


Antony (11) was the first Butler to join 9 Dragons, and we made this decision predominantly because of his focus issues that were beginning to have a negative effect at school. Now he is soon to be a black belt and is an active member of the 9 Dragons Demo Team. Also, the whole Butler family soon joined 9 Dragons after Antony blazed the trail.  Antony’s parents have witnessed their son take great strides because of 9 Dragons.  His confidence is on the rise as he performs regularly in front of crowds as part of the demo team.  This is also where Antony has found friends, a true sense of community and a better sense of self.  Being involved in the MDA charity event helped Antony’s concept of this community and, to be honest, exposed him to the concept of helping others that we, as a family, do not make time for as we should. Inside his ever changing world, 9 Dragons has provided consistent reliable support for Antony’s growth for the last three years.  This physical training is so different from school and homework it is a refreshing contrast for the Butler’s preteen.

Ashton Butler (7) is happy to have an excuse to use his energy and show his flexibility.  He has never been prouder of himself or more empowered than when he recently received his purple belt and joined the demo team. His father wishes he started learning martial arts at Ashton’s age; it has focused his energy where he is keen to soak up as much information as he can. With such a great start at such a young age, there is no limit to what Ashton can do with this focused physicality.  He is becoming not only strong physically, but it is apparent that the lessons have an impact on his morals, his confidence and his spirit for life. Shannon Butler.

Shannon Butler


Halloween “Zombie Self-defense Seminar”

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